08 people died and 205 others were injured within 24 hours – New Algeria


registered units Civil Protection during the period from June 16 to 17, 2,301 interventions (01 intervention every 36 seconds), including 1,482 health evacuations and 369 different operations, including the death of 08 people and the injury of 205 others within 24 hours.

In the context of accidents Traffic, civil protection units carried out 175 interventions following accidents recorded across several states. These accidents left 08 people dead and 205 others injured with various and varying seriousness injuries. The heaviest toll recorded at the Ghardaia state level was 2 deaths and 20 others injured as a result. A collision between a car and a motorcycle on National Road No. 01, in the municipality of Metlili.

Besides this, I intervened Interests Civil protection in order to extinguish 03 different urban fires in the state of Algiers, Constantine and the state of Batna. These fires in the state of Algeria led to 1 person suffering from first-degree burns as a result of a fire that broke out in a house located on the third floor of a 14-storey building in the Adal district of the municipality of Harawa. In addition, at the level of the state of Constantine, 01 people were recorded suffering from burns, as a result of a fire that broke out in an individual house at the level of the Rayeh Zamata neighborhood, in the municipality of Ouled Rahmoun. The victims were taken care of on the spot and then transferred to health centers.

Also, during the same period in several states of the country, the firefighting apparatus for forests, bushes, agricultural crops, and palm trees extinguished 21 fires, including: 01 jungle fires, 06 forest fires, 09 agricultural crop fires, 02 fruit tree fires, and 01 hay belt fires. And 02 palm tree fires. Rapid intervention made it possible to control these fires and prevent their spread, as well as saving many areas of vegetation and agricultural crops.

In addition to this, the Beach and Recreation Guard carried out 48 interventions, allowing 25 people to be saved from drowning, providing first aid on the spot to 18 other people, and 50 other people being transferred to health centers.

Algiers State Ambulance intervened to transfer 1 deceased person, as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide gas emitted from a water heater in a house in the northern district of the Harrach municipality.

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